Valley View Intermediate School

Archbald, Pennsylvania

The school district has chosen the option of a new elementary school with the realignment of grades as a practical and economic solution, with respect to current and future needs.

The academic areas are grouped in a wing separate from the ancillary support areas. In this academic wing, classrooms are organized by grade around the perimeter, with shared academic ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY825COST PER SQ FT$123.50FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio areas in the core (media center, computer room, seminars, faculty rooms and restrooms). The art and science rooms are located at the end of the core to allow for natural lighting. The organization creates a simple doughnut pattern for efficient circulation for this age group. The plan allows for future additional classrooms at each outside corner.

The ancillary support areas are clustered and isolated to allow for community use. In this location, the health suite may be used for clinic purposes, directly accessed by the public.

A major design feature is the high-volume, colorful media center and adjacent technology lab. This forms the informational center, which is enhanced by the building network systems for voice, video and data throughout the school for multimedia teaching. A building-wide security system can function for either nighttime surveillance or daytime controlled access.

Photographer: ©B&H Photographics