Two New Brockton Elementary Schools, Joseph F. Plouffe School and Louis F. Angelo School

Brockton, Massachusetts

  • FIRM

    Drummey Rosane Anderson


    City of Brockton, Massachusetts

  • AREA

    73,210 sq.ft.





(Cost figures, capacity and area are for EACH school; total cost is both schools)

A desired civic presence within a residential context drove the schemes for two large, new elementary schools that formed part of Brockton’s downtown redevelopment and schools’ desegregation plans. Each school required individual site development, and the exterior and interior ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY825COST PER SQ FT$120.00FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio differ; however, for budget purposes, the schools are significantly alike, and were designed and constructed simultaneously.

These air-conditioned buildings are three stories with a rooftop play area. Each school features a cafetorium, gymnasium, computer laboratory, science classroom with greenhouse, art classroom and library located on the top floor to take advantage of the high, sloped ceilings. Both schools are cable networked for voice/data/video technologies.

Changes in grade at each site generated a design that allows handicapped access to both the first and second levels. The Plouffe School is sited along the street portion of an existing city park and is squeezed between an existing public swimming pool, a pond and the site’s boundary. The Angelo School is sited on one of the city’s main streets and closely abuts a commercial and residential neighborhood.

Photographer: ©Peter Vanderwarker