Phillis Wheatley High School

Houston, Texas

  • FIRM

    ESPA Corp., Inc.


    Houston Independent School District

  • AREA

    234,097 sq.ft.





Phillis Wheatley Replacement High School is an inner-city school in the Fifth Ward of Houston. It was designed to house 1,200 students on a 13.58-acre tract of land originally occupied by a three-story facility that had capacity for 2,500 students.

The school is part of an interlocal partnership of the Houston Independent School District, The City of Houston and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,200COST PER SQ FT$149.72FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio County Precinct No. 1, which maximizes land utilization, building usage and shared facilities such as the public pool, city recreation fields and the school’s auditorium for after-hours community programs.

The new building includes a rotunda, commons, kitchen, culinary-arts laboratory, administration cluster, resource center, classrooms, science/physics laboratories, computer rooms, athletics, two gymnasiums, a weightroom, band/orchestra rooms, an auto-mechanics area and ROTC cluster. A new athletic field with other support facilities was installed after demolition of the existing building.

The building integrated two tones of brick masonry, used on the existing auditorium and adjoining neighborhood buildings, to completely unify the community. The design incorporated many sustainable elements.