William G. Enloe High School

Raleigh, North Carolina

  • FIRM



    Wake County Public School System

  • AREA

    150,000 sq.ft.





Enloe High School is a 2,300-student school serving grades 9 to 12. Although it has received national recognition for its magnet programs, the goal for this project was to provide a facility that would assist the administration and staff in their efforts to “raise the bar.”

The plan addressed the need for additional classroom areas, while recognizing the constraint ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$161.24FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio an existing campus split by a natural ravine. The agreed-upon solution uses the west campus for instructional areas and the east campus for athletic programs.

The architect constructed a three-story classroom building on the west campus. This addition included an exterior courtyard, lab space, classrooms and a monumental stair.

Classroom areas were integrated into academic clusters, allowing multiple disciplines to be close to one another. This clustering helped the administration achieve its goal of new heights in academia.

Sustainability also is an essential aspect of the project, and the focus was on daylighting and energy efficiency. Sunshades are used on many of the building’s windows.