Villago Middle School

Casa Grande, Arizona

Villago Middle School features five, one-story education buildings on 28 acres in the heart of an exclusive housing development in Casa Grande. The district wanted to create a campus-like setting for the new school that would resemble another middle school in the district. For this reason, the buildings use design elements such as a split-faced block wainscot along the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,000COST PER SQ FT$107.25FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio perimeter, and accent split-faced banding and standard smooth-faced block. The building field walls are a painted finish over masonry with a combination of field and accent colors.

Key building entrances are defined by a pitched hip roof, and masonry columns support the metal roof. Covered canopy elements are on each building, and parapet roofs define classroom wings with metal angle-suspended canopies over doors and windows. All pitched-roof elements consist of fiberglass shingles.Building lighting consists of curved wall fixtures that provide illumination of the facade and walkways adjacent to the buildings.