Aurora Elementary School

West Fargo, North Dakota

  • FIRM

    YHR Partners, Ltd.


    West Fargo Public School District No. 6

  • AREA

    69,900 sq.ft.





Needing to address major growth in the city of West Fargo, the school district passed a bond election for a new 600-student, 24-classroom elementary school in the Eagle Run subdivision of West Fargo.

The site has separate bus and car dropoff areas to ease traffic congestion and increases the safety of students before and after school. The two separate entries, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$111.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio visible from the administrative offices, are connected to a commons area that collects students into one easily monitored area. The classroom pods are color-coded for easy identification; the media and music area are in the center. The building is designed in two parts: public/community-use spaces and classroom media spaces, which can be separated by locked doors to allow the community to use the commons and gym area after hours. The administration area is situated so it can be accessed easily by visitors, and has visual control of public entries and commons spaces.

The building infrastructure is designed for future expansion to the north.