Centennial Elementary School

Edmond, Oklahoma

  • FIRM

    The Stacy Group


    Edmond Public Schools

  • AREA

    73,008 sq.ft.





Opening in the year of the state’s centennial, the newest elementary school in the district took on the name Centennial Elementary School. Nestled in a wooded site, the building respects and reflects the setting by integrating natural materials, maintaining trees and natural features, and planting native grasses. The commons spaces are designed to maximize daylighting ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$139.13FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio views toward the trees.

The school includes items that are designed to teach students the history of the state. Built into the school are water-jet-cut wall and floor tile depicting the state flag, seal and adopted state symbols. The state song is featured in the commons, and the state map, including the counties, is cut into the carpet in the media center. Future additions are to include more state symbols.

The elementary serves grades K to 5 and is designed in a pod layout for maximum teaching flexibility and security. Each pod walks out onto an outdoor classroom area. The school is master-planned for future additions and to meet the demands of a growing district.