Alvaton Elementary School

Bowling Green, Kentucky

This Energy Star school was designed to meet Warren County School District’s goal of green design, which emphasizes energy efficiency and consumption. The school’s green design components include:

•Insulated concrete form (ICF) wall construction.

•Sandwich panel metal roof system.

•Geothermal heat-pump system.

•Lighting and HVAC ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY700COST PER SQ FT$146.76FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio sensors.

•Clerestory daylighting.

•Green finishes.

Alvaton is the first educational building in Kentucky to use the ICF system, which offers increased building envelope insulation. The school’s energy-saving design uses 35 kBtu’s annually—less than half the ASHRAE 90.1 design standard for elementary schools.

The “great hall” links the media center with other public areas of the building, including the gymnasium, cafeteria and entrance lobbies on the upper level. The need for artificial lighting during the typical school day is reduced by the great hall’s full-length clerestory that washes the entire space, and adjacent spaces, with natural light.