Shatekon Elementary School

Clifton Park, New York

To resourcefully maximize funding, Shatekon Elementary School was designed to connect physically with its sister school, yet embrace its own identity, educational culture and mission. To differentiate Shatekon from its sister school, the designer created a separate vehicular entrance with controlled access between the two schools.

Shatekon, meaning “balanced life,” ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY700COST PER SQ FT$230.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio a beautiful, lofty entrance and atrium gathering space that provides daylighting and controlled security access. The media center is situated centrally opposite the entrance, isolated from the academic wings and accessible for use after hours. Two academic wings distinctly separate the lower K to 2 grades from the higher 3 to 5 grade level. The gymnasium offers multipurpose and community use as it includes a stage area for school performances and activities, as well as public restrooms.

Classrooms are bright and airy, including the colorful kindergarten rooms, which feature a prominent arch at the back of each room and encompass the reading and play areas for students. Additionally, there are dedicated art, music and computer classrooms throughout the building.

Shatekon is air-conditioned with a specialized chiller to minimize noise and features energy-efficient light fixtures throughout.