Cherry Valley Elementary School

Newark, Ohio

  • FIRM

    Legat & Kingscott


    Newark City Schools

  • AREA

    61,000 sq.ft.





Newark City Schools had three goals for Cherry Valley Elementary, a prototype design used four times in the district:

•Establish educational parity throughout the district.

•Create a nurturing environment.

•Support curriculum programs.

Of the district’s 12 elementary schools, eight were closed. Four new schools were constructed, and existing campuses were ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMJBA Architects, PCCAPACITY500COST PER SQ FT$140.98FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio and expanded. This resulted in eight elementary schools with stimulating learning environments.

Many students moved from a 200-student school to attend a larger facility. The environment had to feel comfortable and safe to young students. The design accomplished this by:

-Creating four classroom neighborhoods and shifting corridors to break sightlines, making each seem small and home-like.

-Eliminating hall lockers and using cubbies in each classroom.

-Using color patterns as wayfinding markers.

The design resolved many curriculum issues by:

-Creating space in wide corridors for volunteer tutoring programs.

-Accommodating small-group areas in classrooms for interactive literacy and mathematics programs.

-Using space and storage to support hands-on learning.

-Maximizing natural light.