Evendale Elementary School

Cincinnati, Ohio

This one-story structure is inspired by early Evendale School architecture with its sloped roofs and masonry exterior. The facility houses pre-K and kindergarten, grades 1 to 2, and grades 3 to 5 in independent learning communities. Students benefit from classrooms paired around small-group rooms used for special education, speech, special testing and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY280COST PER SQ FT$160.03FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio small-group instruction.

The school features a community room, two science rooms, a large playground and parking facilities, a separate pre-K and kindergarten playground, and a large learning center with reading space that faces an outdoor learning garden. The music room has direct access to an adjacent stage. The stage and cafeteria open into the gymnasium by means of a movable wall. The site design also features separate bus and parent dropoff and pickup zones, which improves site circulation and safety.

The existing school remained in operation until the new school was completed and was subsequently demolished to make way for the playgrounds.