George Washington Carver Community School and Ellis I. Levitt Boys and Girls Club

Des Moines, Iowa

  • FIRM

    BCDM Architects


    Des Moines Public Schools

  • AREA

    93,855 sq.ft.





Formed through the merger of two smaller elementary schools, both straining to serve students severely inhibited by socioeconomic burdens, George Washington Carver Community School was designed as a beacon of hope and a resource for success.

This partnership of Des Moines Public Schools, Iowa Health Systems, the Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department, and the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY845COST PER SQ FT$119.95FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio and Girls Club of Central Iowa supports and inspires the community.  The joint-use facility educates those in pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade, while providing for the social needs of the neighborhood with a Boys and Girls Club, early-childhood center and Not-New Shop retail thrift store. 

Situated on 10 acres adjacent to a city park, Carver Community School and Boys and Girls Club feature multiple age-appropriate playgrounds, outdoor classroom space and rain gardens. 

Building-wide technology and green initiatives, such as a geo-thermal well field and heat-pump approach to heating and cooling, combine to make this 93,855-square-foot building state-of-the-art and energy efficient.