Roesland Elementary School

Roeland Park, Kansas

  • FIRM

    ACI Boland Architects


    Shawnee Mission USD 512

  • AREA

    71,200 sq.ft.





Roesland Elementary School is situated in a neighborhood surrounded by homeowners. Because of the small size of the site and a significant cross slope on the property, a two-story design was the best use of the property for flow of traffic and supervision. The final design separates students into two age groups by floor; K to 3 are on the upper level and grades 4 to 6 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY550COST PER SQ FT$125.73FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio on the lower level. This arrangement helps in overall student discipline by minimizing opportunities for the older students to interact with the younger students.

This community and school is very nostalgic about its past; therefore, many elements from its history are incorporated into the design. An abandoned interurban railway ran along the south side of this site, so that design element was incorporated into the two-story library. Many shapes and silhouettes are integrated into the design to suggest a train station, such as an arched metal roof, clock over the control desk, street signs, and acoustical panels that mimic the front of a trolley car.

Also, some of the limestone spire and brick facade were salvaged from the old Roesland prior to demolition. These items were incorporated into the elevator shaft, which is in the main lobby on the first floor, thus creating ties to the past.

All classrooms have exterior windows and are equipped with overhead projectors connected to teaching stations and closed-circuit TVs for security/monitoring. Wayfinding was incorporated throughout the school with lines of VCT accent tiles and corridor banding colors that correlate to an accent wall in each classroom.

Overall, the project demonstrated its success by being popular and functional among the staff and administration.