Brokaw Early Learning Center

Oswego, Illinois

  • FIRM

    DLR Group


    Oswego Community Schools 308

  • AREA

    39,800 sq.ft.





Brokaw Early Learning Center is designed to meet the needs of young children, many with learning or physical disabilities. The facility features four small houses that pinwheel around a central core of shared facilities. Each house consists of five classrooms surrounding a light-filled living room, serving as the hub of the instructional program. From ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$228.01CITATIONPre-K/Early-Childhood Education CitationFEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio student’s perspective, this reduces the scale of the school to just five classrooms and a living room. In-floor and ceiling heat provides thermal comfort in response to the activities on the classroom floor. The many attributes of the school give students a place where they, during the most critical development period of their lives, can learn how to learn—a trait necessary for life.

Undulating gable roofs allow natural light to penetrate 100 percent of all classrooms and more than 85 percent of the total building area. Additional windows are raised just off the floor so students of all abilities can connect with the outdoors. A child-friendly scale throughout the facility is created with horizontal lines through color, materials and texture.

“Appropriately scaled for young children; innovative. Lots of daylighting and openness.”--2008 jury