Stone Oak Elementary

San Antonio, Texas

  • FIRM



    North East Independent School District

  • AREA

    94,000 sq.ft.





Completed in December of 1996, Stone Oak Elementary was North East ISD’s new prototype elementary school. The prototype design solutions for Stone Oak Elementary included: An oversized core to facilitate future expansion by 200 students; A centralized energy-management system allowing for individual classroom control;

the use of inexpensive colors and graphics to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$78.35FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio pride in the facility;separate grade-level neighborhoods clustered around the core to encourage teaming;dual-level lighting in the classrooms; interior corridor walls covered with plastic laminate to reduce wear; lots of natural light to provide an inviting learning environment; a combination of brick and manufactured stone, which blends well with the surrounding community.

Morning and afternoon dropoff and pickup made are possible and convenient with a separate dedicated drive for school-bus traffic. Classrooms are accessible to the core areas—technology centers, library, cafeteria and restrooms.

"One of the reasons this school has been received so well is that those people who were going to be most affected by its outcome were asked to provide input during the design process," says Fred Calhoun, North East ISD associate superintendent. "This design process worked wonders for us because it gave our people a sense of ownership in the school."

Photographer: ©Jim Wilson