Weatherford College, Strategic, Academic and Facilities Master Plans

Weatherford, Texas

Weatherford College, a community college in Parker County, Texas, that serves 4,000 students, asked the architect to develop plans based on its unified vision, mission and goals. The project team developed strategic, academic and facilities master plans that will guide redefinition of the 130-year-old institution.

The request for strategic and academic components was ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2007 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYCampus Master Planning and allowed the project team to draw upon planning and public involvement expertise for both educational facilities and public works. Team members are skilled in principles of continuous improvement, which they applied to development of the annual improvement plan as a key component of the academic master plan.

They assembled stakeholders to identify and elaborate on eight concerns. The concerns yielded five strategic goals and implementation strategies. The strategic master plan became the foundation for the planning process, which was then applied to developing the academic master plan.

The facilities master plan provides a framework for developing and managing Weatherford College’s building infrastructure, grounds and related facilities. The plan will guide the college in maintaining, improving and expanding these physical elements.