Buffalo, New York

  • FIRM

    Perkins and Will


    Resultech Educational Services

  • AREA

    100,000 sq.ft.





This project creates a learning environment that defies the traditional definition of “school.?Created for students categorized by the school system as over-age and under-achieving, Academy@998 offers Buffalo Public Schools the complete curricular and environmental package to keep these students engaged and on track for graduation.

Housed in a renovated big-box ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY450COST PER SQ FT$185.00FEATURED IN2007 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress building, Academy@998 delivers an integrated, project-based curriculum where student work is continually evaluated and on display. The learning environment is organized around four career-focused areas: communication, global business, engineering and professional services. Students participating in these programs spend their days in multi-age studios, laboratories, a reality center and an exhibition center following predetermined career pathways. Administrators, community members and local businesses provide continual support and guidance as students tackle the challenges of real-world problems while meeting the educational standards required for graduation.

Designed to transform education and revitalize an urban center, Academy@998 creates a transparent and ever-present process of learning that fills the labs, the corridors and even the streets outside.