San Diego Community College District, Miramar Campus, Business, Technology and Mathematics Building

San Diego, California

The collaborative programming and design process engaged by the architect and Miramar College succeeded in two primary ways: creating a facility that contributes to the campus’ architectural unity and allowing sustainable concepts to assist in architectural decisionmaking.

The Business, Technology and Mathematics Building at San Diego Community College’s Miramar ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY720FEATURED IN2007 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress will house eight mathematics classrooms, eight business technology classrooms, two office suites and one math lab.

By relating to the proposed Collegiate Mediterranean architectural aesthetic, the design achieves campus unity while creating individual building identity. A transparent view corridor connects the main north entrance to the tower element situated within the new campus commons. 

The project will obtain LEED silver certification. Sustainable design features will provide students and faculty with a high-quality indoor environment, which will contribute to increased productivity, work quality and other social benefits. Daylighting and photovoltaic roof panels will help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, and improve energy-conservation awareness among students and faculty.