Curry College, Academic and Performance Center

Milton, Massachusetts

The Curry College Academic and Performance Center was designed for a wide range of academic and student programming needs. It was built under an ambitious fast-track schedule; design started in November 2005 and construction was completed in August 2006.

Connected to the Levin Library in the Academic Quadrangle of the North Campus, the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$303.00FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio three-story, 30,000-square-foot building has eight classrooms, including an amphitheater-style lecture hall and a stock trading classroom, faculty office suites, a student lounge, conference and breakout meeting rooms, and a two-story atrium with the Smart Market Cafe. In addition, the building includes a 229-seat multipurpose auditorium/theater, the college’s first dedicated performance space.

The auditorium/theater has flexible seating and can be partitioned to create a black-box-style theater and a separate 120-seat traditional auditorium/theater. The theater program includes a light/sound booth, control booth, workshop for building sets, and a dedicated dressing room for actors. In addition to theatrical performances, the auditorium can hold a wide range of academic and student-affairs programming, such as lectures and academic meetings.

Situated in the heart of the Academic Quadrangle, the Academic and Performance Center was designed to blend in with the existing buildings. It unites and completes the quadrangle, defining its northern edge.

On its northern facade, the Academic and Performance Center forms a courtyard with the adjacent Levin Library. This space not only defines the northern entrance to the atrium, but also provides a natural extension to the atrium and spillover space before and after