International School of Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana

  • FIRM

    Schmidt Associates


    International School of Indiana

  • AREA

    41,229 sq.ft.





The International School of Indiana is a private institution that offers a world-class education by combining a multicultural environment with a rigorous academic program for every student, not just the gifted.

The high school is the first phase of a master plan that ultimately will provide a unique learning environment for 900 students—pre-kindergarten through ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY225COST PER SQ FT$214.00FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio school—on a unified campus.

The building is organized to allow its corridors to extend to future adjacent buildings. As a small, private school, the facility relies on flexible-use spaces, the feel of community and a warm, durable palette of materials to create a timeless, inviting character. Flexible furnishings in seminar rooms support a collaborative classroom environment that is part of the unique culture of the institution. The multipurpose/drama room serves as a black-box theater and a large assembly space within the building.

Driven by a strong mission and vision, the International School will establish itself as an integral part of the international economic development of the state of Indiana.

Photo: Chilluffo Photography