Bentonville High School, North Building

Bentonville, Arkansas

  • FIRM

    Hight Jackson Associates


    Bentonville Unified School District 6

  • AREA

    193,350 sq.ft.





The goal was to create a school centered on inspiring spaces. Two methods were employed to achieve this goal. The first was organization of the building around a courtyard to alleviate a massiveness of scale, provide windows into classrooms, and establish a clear entry point to unify the campus.

The second method focuses on the classroom corridors. It was decided to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,540COST PER SQ FT$115.61FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio program spaces with breaks in classroom wings to allow daylighting into the heart of the building and public non-circulation spaces off the main corridors. The breaks became display nodes that celebrate the work of the school in each zone (science, art, humanities). A consistent palette of ceramic-tiled walls, glass displays and sloped ceilings weave the spaces together.

Key features include a three-story academic wing with daylighting to all classrooms; a central courtyard with direct access off the commons space; a multi-story media center; science labs; and a 200-seat lecture hall on the main level. At the main entry, a main stair tower provides a visible entry point for the school.