Allen Park High School

Allen Park, Michigan

  • FIRM

    French Associates


    Allen Park Public Schools

  • AREA

    235,200 sq.ft.





Allen Park High School has been transformed by remodeling and additions. Expansions include a six-lane natatorium, administrative offices and cafeteria spaces. Additions include an auto lab, fitness center, instrumental and vocal suite, media center and the performing-arts center, which seats 650 and is fully rigged.

The design was intended to bring a parkscape into ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,000COST PER SQ FT$161.56FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio building. References to nature, including white paper-birch trees, are evident at the entries to the building, and in the lobby and performing-arts center masonry through color and texture. Floor patterns include tree branches and leaves floating throughout the corridors. The performing-arts center is designed so audience members feel as if they are sitting in a forest with tree foliage above them. The scalloped addition along the front of the building undulates like a tree line, and the proportion of each scallop relates to the residential homes of the area.

The interior palette of earth tones and wood reinforces the “parkscape” theme and renews a sense of pride to students and staff.