Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Middle and High School, and School/Community Activities Center

Adel, Iowa

The A-D-M district partnered with the architect to develop long-range plans that were tailored to meet the unique needs of the growing district, including tax-management planning.

Primary goals included creating spaces to meet specialized educational and developmental needs of eighth- and ninth-graders, and selecting cost-effective designs that would accommodate ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCO FIRMRambo Associates, ArchitectsASSOCIATED FIRMPurdy & Slack Architects, Technical ServicesCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$72.76FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio educational delivery and integrate community usage without compromising security or operating efficiency.

The middle, high school and school/community activities center additions provide separate middle and high school teaching areas and shared school/community activities, resource and specialized teaching areas, each with its own identity and social-development areas.

New spaces include a dynamic two-story school/community commons, state-of-the-art library/media and technologies centers, a project study center, competition gym, and fitness and practice areas that are accessed easily for school and community use. Classroom design included integrated, private spaces for individual and small-group instruction and projects.

Superior quality and flexibility were achieved through the cost-management plan, saving taxpayers about 20 percent compared with regional averages of traditional architect or construction-management-driven approaches.