Harrison High School

Harrison, New Jersey

The new Harrison High School contains 30 classrooms, science labs, art rooms, a media center, TV studio, cafeteria and administrative offices in a three-story academic block. The auditorium, gymnasium and swimming pool are situated strategically adjacent to a new plaza for school and community use. The music room at the rear of the auditorium stage opens to the plaza ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY925COST PER SQ FT$198.00FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio outdoor concerts and performances.

The design integrates numerous green building and site design features, including heat-recovery desiccant wheels and natural lighting. Building materials and massing recall the existing high school in a modern expression that also relates to the site.

Full-sized football, soccer, baseball and softball fields are overlain in a compact 400-foot by 450-foot area, including bleachers. A recreational track, which also will be used by the community, encircles the fields. Because of the heavy use of the fields, the surface is artificial turf with sand and rubber infill. Stormwater runoff for the entire 10-acre site is handled by a detention system under the athletic fields.