Tonopah Valley High School

Tonopah, Arizona

  • FIRM

    DLR Group


    Saddle Mountain Unified School District

  • AREA

    109,700 sq.ft.





The design of this master-planned campus responds to the district’s objective of creating an educational village that serves all school-age groups and the public. Tonopah Valley High School, a district office and bus maintenance facility are adjacent to the elementary and middle school buildings.

Tonopah Valley offers an interactive and diverse curriculum focused on ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY750COST PER SQ FT$133.00FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio students’ needs. For example, the vocational-education building offers several career technical educational programs for high school and middle school students.

The campus’ efficient organization, developed through a community-based process, facilitates shared inter-campus functions. All student groups use the central kitchen, performing-arts area and vocational education. The public has access to the district office, athletic facilities, library and auditorium.

Inspiration for the exterior color and material palette came from the area’s ancient petroglyphs. Large shapes are cut out of gray metal panels mounted over areas of tan, smooth-faced concrete masonry, replicating petroglyphs carved into the ancient basalt by Native Americans who settled in the Tonopah Valley. These Native American symbols also help facilitate wayfinding.

Energy-saving features include locally produced and recycled materials, high-performance glass, decomposed granite, native trees, synthetic grass turf (Arizona’s first) and xeriscaping, daylighting, window-shading devices, air monitors, air-side economizers, programmable thermostats, occupancy sensors and efficient lamping.