Hancock High School

St. Louis, Missouri

After providing years of high-quality education in a building that no longer could keep up with educational and curricular demands, the administration, working with the community, concluded that the academic buildings of the aging high school complex should be replaced rather than renovated.

In order to respond to the physical site restrictions, the 500-student ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY500COST PER SQ FT$148.29FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio developed into an inverted L-shaped plan. The northern wing was constructed first and had to contain all of the academic elements from the existing high school building that was slated for demolition. In addition to those spaces, the first phase had to incorporate the necessary infrastructure that would be required for the entire built complex.

Perhaps the most significant design feature of the new high school is the library/media center, situated on the second level of the building, symbolizing the center of learning. Flanked by two computer classrooms, the space is flexible and adaptive.

The first level of the facility is devoted to technical education and music instruction, and the third level has academic classrooms and science laboratory/lecture instructional areas.