Medway High School

Medway, Massachusetts

A wide world and bright future exist beyond high school; the architects for the new Medway High School were tasked with integrating this message as a focus of the design. The solution was to create a plan that revolves around the school’s career and college counseling center. The main entrance and lobby flow past the center; here, students congregate when entering and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,000COST PER SQ FT$185.00FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio the school. The space also connects the academic wings.

The school is designed for a current enrollment of 750 students with core spaces sized to accommodate an eventual enrollment of 1,200. The core includes a technology-rich media center, cafeteria, auditorium and gymnasium with a suspended second-level track. Provisions are made in the design of both academic wings to facilitate future classroom expansion.

Sustainability was a central issue with both the district and the architect. The site design recycled all on-site material and minimized disturbed area; all building mechanical systems are high-efficiency/low-energy/low-emission; and harvested daylight replaces artificial lighting whenever possible.