The Winsor School, Peter Hall

Boston, Massachusetts

  • FIRM

    CBT Architects


    The Winsor School

  • AREA

    46,000 sq.ft.



Confined within a landlocked urban campus, this project adds space to support the activities of an expanding student body. The school needed to increase dining capacity from 200 to 350 students; add classroom and science space, faculty offices and meeting areas; and preserve its fields and main quadrangle.

The dining room, created as a pavilion, sits at the far end ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio the school’s quadrangle amidst the solid masonry buildings of the Collegiate Gothic-style campus. Tall, double-height windows are reminiscent of the fenestration of the school’s auditorium and library, and alternate with precast columns to create a transparent facade that opens onto the quadrangle. When the building is illuminated from within, it shines like a lantern over the campus.

The design adds a new three-story wing to the campus. The main floor houses the school’s new dining hall, and the building’s base houses the school’s maintenance facility and faculty offices; the top floor houses two new science laboratories. The existing undersized dining hall was reconfigured to create five new classrooms, a trustee room and additional faculty space. The new structure improves connections between several adjacent buildings, including direct access to a sciences wing above the original dining hall.