Aurora High School (Aurora, Missouri)

Aurora, Missouri

  • FIRM

    ACI Boland Architects


    Aurora R-III School District

  • AREA

    125,700 sq.ft.





An increase in population forced the district to examine its student configuration, as well as the adequacy of its buildings. It determined that the best course of action was to build a new high school. At the outset, maximizing value was a high priority for this rural community.

To do so, the design team planned the high school to accommodate up to 600 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$95.12FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio initially, with the core functions supporting an ultimate student population of 1,200. The plan allows the building to grow and expand as economic realities dictate, accommodating athletic fields, a new performing-arts auditorium and a new academic wing in future phases.

The layout features several spaces with multiple functions, such as a large commons area in the center of the school that doubles as a cafeteria. Offset slightly from the primary entrance, the commons area is a two-story volume with clerestories flooding the space with natural light; it has become the heart of the school.

Load-bearing masonry walls combine both functionality and aesthetics. A split-face block, rich in texture but economical, provides visual relief and accents to the exterior masonry