Palm Springs Community Middle School

West Palm Beach, Florida

  • FIRM

    SchenkelShultz Architecture


    The School District of Palm Beach County

  • AREA

    202,500 sq.ft.





Imagine being a sixth-grade student on the first day of middle school or a single mother taking night classes to earn her high school diploma. Each student is at a different point in her life, but they are learning under the same roof. Palm Springs Community Middle School is a place, regardless of age, where learning is designed to make students feel at home.

A ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,526COST PER SQ FT$148.39FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio is defined as an institution for teaching, but this school is much more. It is a place in which the community takes pride. It is a place where community events are held and is a place to gather.

With the first step onto campus, visitors are transformed to a period of time that celebrates an eclectic form of decorative Modernism referred to as art deco. From its flowing geometric forms, to the intricate detailing reflected in its signage and reveals, the school evokes passion.

The school was designed meticulously to allow close interaction with other students in the same grade. A large campus can be intimidating, but this school is conducive to smaller learning communities in which each grade level is separated by floor.

Palm Springs Community Middle School embodies the essence of community.