Springdale Elementary School

Cincinnati, Ohio

  • FIRM



    Princeton City School District

  • AREA

    63,161 sq.ft.





Replacing a 1930s elementary on the site, the new Springdale Elementary School aesthetically ties back to the former building while delivering an environment for today’s educational needs.

Reflecting the portico design of the existing building, columns and stone accents at the main entrance provide a clearly defined, recognizable entry among a traditional red-brick ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY420COST PER SQ FT$171.81FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio with arched windows, pilasters and sloped roofs. The new site design improves bus circulation and the safety of the parent dropoff area.

Inside, extensive conversations with teachers led to the small-group space between two classrooms. Angled walls enable two students to work without distracting each other and within sight of both teachers, and the angled wall creates a niche area for each teacher inside the classrooms. The art room has direct access to a patio and lawn area, and the music room is right behind the stage. Every grade has its own science room. For entire school assemblies, the cafetorium and gymnasium can be combined, and a multipurpose community room meets the needs of smaller groups.