Colchester Elementary School

Colchester, Connecticut

The program requirement was to build a new school for grades pre-K, kindergarten,

1 and 2 to accommodate student relocation required by grade reorganization. Available sites in Colchester had no municipal water or sewer and were remote from the service areas.

The school was built next to the two existing schools on open land that previously was overlooked. The ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY883COST PER SQ FT$200.27FEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio of the new school provided a campus-like setting of three schools and saved $2 million in site purchase and development costs.

Designing separate wings for different grades provided a neighborhood for each age group. The wings were connected to the hub, where common functions such as the media center and administration are situated.

By placing the gymnasium and cafeteria in a separate wing, noisy functions are isolated from the quiet learning areas, and the community can use the facility after school hours.

Wayfinding nodes and an age-appropriate color scheme were incorporated into the design concept for easy navigation through the building. Extensive use of daylighting in interior spaces enhanced the quality of the environment.