Corvallis High School

Corvallis, Oregon

  • FIRM

    DOWA - IBI Group


    Corvallis School District

  • AREA

    220,000 sq.ft.





Corvallis High School’s compact building form fulfills the desire to have greater student-teacher interaction and to have the facility built on the existing school’s site while that facility was still being used. The building’s arrangement responds to its place, preserving a creek traversing the site, and offering an enhanced and legible community presence on a more ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,600COST PER SQ FT$175.45CITATIONWilliam W. Caudill CitationFEATURED IN2007 Architectural Portfolio public street.

Classrooms are arranged in clusters, each with an open group/individual instructional area as an adjunct to the classrooms. At the center is a double-height and toplighted media center that is an open and orienting resource for all.

Activity wings housing gymnasiums and the auditorium are splayed away from the street. The school’s student center looks onto a courtyard gathering place framed on both sides by these building masses, linking with student parking areas.

At a critical hinge point is the school’s entrance lobby and cylindrical hall known as The Forum, a place of symbolic and wayfinding importance, a place of linking and ceremony, with opportunities for both collegial gathering and showcasing excellence.

As a commitment to the community, Corvallis High School is seeking a USGBC LEED silver certification.

“Good use of high space with connectors through the media center and cafeteria. Wonderful auditorium.”--2007 jury