Pleasant View Elementary School

Zionsville, Indiana

Overall, this design incorporates simple, inexpensive building materials and finishes to create a scale and identity appropriate for children, while affirming the importance of the educational program.

The facility shares its site and is connected to an existing middle school. Art, music, special needs and media services are situated off the main academic spine and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY825COST PER SQ FT$95.29FEATURED IN1999 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas situated within the grade-level wings.

Upon entering, visitors and students are greeted by an open reception area. The angular orientation of the reception desk, floor patterns, ceiling grid and lighting layout draw the reception area into the building circulation pattern, offering a point of observation down the two main corridors. Column covers, diagonal carpet bands and checkerboard ceilings at the junction of each classroom wing serve to break up the length of the corridors.

The media center serves as the primary building focus, both educationally and architecturally. Its increased volume, large interior storefront and use of juxtaposed geometric forms emphasize the importance of this space.

Technology includes a media-distribution system, television monitors and six fully networked computers in every classroom.

Photographer: ©Tony Clevenger, Quarter Moon Photography