North High School

North St. Paul, Minnesota

The educational philosophy of North High School was developed with a curriculum based in traditional academic disciplines designed to reflect student diversity and global consciousness. Six themes were created to enhance the educational opportunities of the students: user-friendliness; community pride; technology; safety and zoning ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,200COST PER SQ FT$86.00FEATURED IN1999 Educational Interiors1999 Architectural PortfolioINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas building; interdisciplinary approach/flexible educational spaces; and interaction between staff and students. These themes have served to create a healthy environment conducive to teaching and learning, reflecting the true academic nature of the building.

Viewed as a “community of learners,” there are innovative spaces for students to meet and interact across grade levels, as well as places for staff to interact professionally and socially. This facility is a place that visibly supports commitment to lifelong learning by creating a healthy environment that is safe and inviting, where students, staff, parents, community members and senior citizens can interact comfortably in a variety of settings.

The multilevel atrium, topped by an expansive skylight, draws in natural daylight to all three levels of the building core, creating a friendly learning environment. This atrium provides a central community area for students on all three floors.

The educational philosophy includes the building’s adaptability for future trends and technological advances. A centralized media center and telecommunications center provide access to voice, data and video networks, with broad interdisciplinary uses for both students and staff.

Photographer: ©Ralph Berlowitz