Conestoga Valley Middle School

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Situated in a rural residential area in Lancaster County, Conestoga Valley Middle School inspires a design approach concerned with conserving the character of the land and maintaining a traditional building style. The exterior design employs a scale and appearance responsive to the traditional countryside community surrounding it, reminiscent of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$99.70FEATURED IN1999 Educational Interiors1999 Architectural PortfolioINTERIOR CATEGORYClassrooms schoolhouses.

Parking is behind the school, allowing access to playing fields and the community park. The bus loop is the only transportation located in front of the building, separating car, service and bus traffic.

The building design does not follow a departmental organizational mode; instead, it divides the student body into five semi-autonomous teams. Located in the academic wings, these teams have access to a community park with an amphitheater and media center at the heart. All instructional spaces are networked to a voice, video and data system with the hub at the media center. Loud common areas are removed from quiet academic sections, allowing secure use of public areas after school hours. The administrative core surrounds the main entrance.

The new building includes: 24 classrooms; two special-education classrooms; five science labs; three communications/computer labs; two art rooms; one music room; one band room; two homemaking rooms; two technical-education areas; two small group/seminar rooms; a 650-seat auditorium with stage; a 6,900-square-foot gymnasium.

Photographer: ©Gary Yon Photography