California State University—San Bernardino, Chemical Sciences Building

San Bernardino, California

  • FIRM



    California State University--San Bernardino

  • AREA

    84,000 sq.ft.





The program for the science building annex at California State University—San Bernardino included four clearly different functional spaces: laboratories/classrooms, a lecture hall, faculty offices and a museum—each designed to be identified as a self-contained unit, fitting together as a collage of forms and spaces.

The larger-scaled faculty and administration ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$333.00FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio is an autonomous part of the project, serving as a link to the existing building. Easily distinguishable windows on the laboratory block were designed to symbolize mathematical patterns inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements.

This part of the campus helps promote a community connection through a series of public museums. The different profile of the lecture hall can be identified visibly because of its half-round shape. The new entrance provides collaborative breakout spaces accessible through an open vertical stair.

Challenges included: placement of the building because of the site’s adjacency to the San Andreas Fault line; orientation to address extreme temperatures and wind conditions; consideration of the existing utility tunnel servicing this area of the campus; and connection to the existing building.

Sustainable practices included the use of daylighting and the design of solar screening, which offers protection from the sun and extreme temperatures, without affecting the construction budget.