Mary A. Hubbard School

Ramsey, New Jersey

  • FIRM

    LAN Associates


    Ramsey Board of Education

  • AREA

    73,210 sq.ft.





The Mary A. Hubbard Elementary School supports a fourth- and fifth-grade curriculum. The cafeteria, located in the lower basement, is serviced directly by the school’s main kitchen and maintains a separate grade-level entrance and emergency exit, in addition to elevator access. Due to masonry-wall and concrete ceiling-deck construction, the roof suffered from excessive ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY825COST PER SQ FT$17.40FEATURED IN1999 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYCafeterias/Food-Service Areas reverberation. Sound levels in the room were unacceptable, and renovations to address acoustical conditions were needed.

As a first step, a variance was submitted to the New Jersey State Department of Education to allow the school district to install some form of acoustical ceiling, which would drop the ceiling from 101/4 feet to 9 feet. The room also had numerous mechanical systems and piping that was suspended from the ceiling. This condition made placing a continuous suspended ceiling in the room difficult.

To address the conditions, a free-form suspended ceiling system was installed in the central open areas of the room. Due to the anticipated condition of existing pendant-mount fixtures in the room, new direct/indirect fluorescent fixtures were placed in the grid. The proposed ceiling grid system is free-form and reminiscent of cloud formations.

The concrete deck ceiling was painted dark blue, the perimeter bonding light blue and the main ceiling grid and panels white.