DeSales University, University Center

Center Valley, Pennsylvania

The new University Center at DeSales University provides food services and dining facilities for students and faculty.

The building is organized around a skylighted concourse that acts as an artery for the major programmatic elements. On one side of this concourse are the food court and kitchen. The food court provides service throughout the day and evening hours. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$270.53FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio adjacent kitchen has been sized to serve the food court and to provide catering for other university functions. The dining area is positioned on the opposite side of the concourse and features an expansive north-facing glass wall that provides beautiful vistas of the campus green.

The building also has been designed to accommodate a bookstore and conference center. This expansion is under construction and is nearing completion.

The concourse serves the campus on a much broader scale. The campus has two distinct areas of activity; one area is occupied by academic buildings and student residences, and the other features the university’s athletic and recreational facilities. The placement of the University Center within the fabric of the campus establishes a much-needed pedestrian link between these two areas.

The main entrance tower is on axis with the circular-shaped Wills Hall, the oldest building on campus. The concourse also aligns with the main vehicular entrance to the campus, thus creating a strong axis that facilitates this link.