Florida International University, Lakeview Hall Student Housing

Miami, Florida

The new 236,000-square-foot multi-building Lakeview Hall Student Housing project at the University Park Campus in Miami is the first phase of a multi-phase expansion at Florida International University. The concept was to build a complex to house incoming freshmen and offer special living options to First Year Residents Succeeding Together (FYRST) students. This project ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY825COST PER SQ FT$153.00FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio a first for FIU, in that 800 beds were brought online at once.

Two room configurations are found: a private room within a four-bedroom suite, and a double-occupancy room in a two-bedroom suite. All units are suite-style with private bathrooms, a full-sized refrigerator and furnished bedrooms.

Lakeview Hall has two buildings: north and south. Two wings at six- and four-stories configure the north building. The first floor contains two staff apartments, student living units, administration offices, laundry facilities, a multipurpose room, recreation lounge, storage and physical-plant operations. Floors two through six include student lounges and student- living units. The south building at six stories is designed similarly, with minor differences such as the number of first-floor staff apartments.

Situated near university support services, academic resources, dining facilities and classes, Lakeview offers a superb on-campus freshman experience.