North Carolina State University, College of Engineering, Engineering Building 1

Raleigh, North Carolina

  • FIRM

    Perkins and Will


    North Carolina State University

  • AREA

    157,000 sq.ft.





Engineering Building I, which houses chemical and material sciences, will establish the college’s presence on the campus and will set the architectural tone for future building around “The Oval”—a ceremonial green space and the centerpiece for this area of the campus.

The three-story building takes advantage of its sloped seven-acre site, with an informal entry at ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$187.60FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio level that connects to an adjacent parking deck and a formal entry on the main level facing The Oval to the west.

The building is organized tightly for maximum flexibility and efficiency;laboratory spaces with highly sophisticated engineering systems are separated from non-lab spaces such as classrooms and offices. To maximize energy efficiency, special consideration was given to lighting, use of sunscreens on western exposures and exterior glazing.

Materials-engineering labs include laser labs, metallography, microscopy, advanced characterization, image processing, a TEM suite, material optical lab, ceramics, polymer teaching and heat treatment. Other program areas include chemical-engineering labs and shops, five classrooms, three teaching auditoriums, and conference and office space for students and faculty.