University of Southern Maine, Bioscience Research Institute

Portland, Maine

In order to attract research grants and foster a “hands-on” approach to teaching, the University of Southern Maine (USM) retained the architect to program and design new space for the Bioscience Research Institute. The site adjoins the university’s existing science facilities, which house chemistry, physics, computer sciences, biology and immunology.

Programming and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY62COST PER SQ FT$269.05FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio of existing facilities resulted in the recommendation to build a new facility for the Biosciences Institute, the more utility-intensive of the two institutes, and to renovate existing space for the Informational Sciences Institute.

Built in two phases to accommodate funding, the building will provide about 60,000 square feet of new laboratory space.

Situating the new facility on the brow of a hill overlooking student and recreational centers met the university’s requirement for a new “public face” for the sciences. Positioning the mechanical and electrical systems on adjacent buildings met the need to expand the building vertically. An “architectural beltline” of metal and masonry integrated into the building’s composition satisfied the desire for the “harmonious vertical growth of the university’s new face.”