Eagle River High School

Eagle River, Alaska

  • FIRM

    USKH, Inc.


    Anchorage School District

  • AREA

    182,000 sq.ft.





Eagle River High School was designed to accommodate 800 students and was master-planned for future expansion of up to 1,600 students. This will be accomplished by adding a two-story, 26-classroom wing that uses a house concept.

The interior design of the school has classrooms that surround the central library and other specialty rooms. This efficient floor plan ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMFanning/Howey Associates; AMC; Shannon & Wilson; RIMI Design; EstimationsCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$219.23FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio traffic within the school. The triangular commons provides a central entry for the library, gymnasium and cafeteria, and is controlled at each end by administration and counseling offices. The site design includes a bus dropoff zone independent from the main parking area in front, within view of administration offices.

The exterior design was created to increase exposure from the inside of the school to the surrounding mountain range. Outdoor amenities for the school include athletic fields, bike paths, ski trails, parking lots, sidewalks and paved plazas.