Bagley Middle School

Chatsworth, Georgia

The vernacular architecture of the center entry pavilion at Bagley Middle School in Murray County, Ga., gets its nostalgic inspiration by paying homage to a vintage 1940s rock school “house” in the district through incorporating curved details reminiscent of that era. The 145,532-square-foot building has a beautiful bronze-colored roof, coordinating exterior brick, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMRichards and Associates Engineering, Inc.CAPACITY1,150COST PER SQ FT$98.71FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio detailing and heavy Richardsonian arches.

The pinwheel design of the school organizes the wings according to grade level and establishes one point of supervision. The large-scale, wide corridors and extensive use of windows and glass create an open and bright interior.

The cafeteria features floor-to-ceiling windows on one side, along with a modern food court and serving area.

The gymnasium can be used for dual purposes, physical education and performing arts, with the placement of a large stage. This also enables administrators to use the space as an auditorium for school assemblies and other events without having to schedule around lunch service, a problem typically found when placing the stage in the cafeteria.