Calkins Road Middle School

Pittsford, New York

“Conservation, preservation and adaptive reuse” were core values adding to the challenges of building a new middle school in Pittsford’s education-focused, historic suburban community. Successful integration of the new facility into its residential, agricultural and “Green Print/Viewshed” context required extensive research, a transparent design process and continuous ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$169.00FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio with the Pittsford community.

The 203,000-square-foot facility fits seamlessly into the Pittsford landscape, respecting scenic vantage points, historic farmsteads and new homes. From a distance, the facility reflects the character of nearby agricultural complexes. Up close, it is a welcoming school, sensitively scaled, sited and detailed, and it reflects the best educational thinking of this nationally recognized district.

The high-performance facility supports Pittsford’s conservation ideals by reducing energy use and environmental impacts while providing a healthy, comfortable and supportive educational environment. LEED and CHPS-based approaches include geothermal heating and cooling, extensive daylighting, heat recovery, reflective roofing, efficient lighting and a thermally enhanced envelope. The facility has qualified for several state energy grants.

Calkins Road Middle School stands as a physical reflection of the district’s core values and embodies Pittsford’s uncompromising commitment and passion for academic excellence.