Monument Valley Middle School

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

  • FIRM



    Berkshire Hills Regional Schools

  • AREA

    81,315 sq.ft.





The plan for Monument Valley Middle School incorporates a two-story academic wing with grade-based neighborhoods that include one swing classroom and science lab per grade. The media center and support space connect the academic wing with the active side of the building, which features a technology project lab, cafetorium, gym and spaces for music and art. The compact ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY440COST PER SQ FT$157.00FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio maximizes instructional space and simplifies supervision through minimal corridor square footage.

After securing a half-million-dollar grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative for Renewable Energy/Green School Program, the district committed an additional $300,000 for energy-saving technologies and green features.

Significant green features:

•Geothermal heat pumps and photo-voltaic solar panels.

•Air-conditioning system that uses naturally cool ground water.

•Dedicated air-infiltration system.

•Light-harvesting system through occupancy sensors.

•Insulation at 2.5 times code requirements.

•Recycled materials such as acoustical ceilings.

•Low-VOC carpets, paints and sealants to reduce off-gassing.

•Water-conserving plumbing systems such as low-flow water heads.

•Strategic placement of energy-

efficient windows.

•Optimal north/south building orientation to maximize natural light.