Mary F. Williams Elementary School

Dumfries, Virginia

  • FIRM



    Prince William County Public Schools

  • AREA

    83,084 sq.ft.





Prince William County Public Schools requested that a prototype elementary school design be formulated to respond to a variety of site conditions. The prototype would have a base plan for a 700-student capacity with the core facilities able to serve 900 students. The design would accommodate either capacity and could be expanded to the larger capacity without disrupting ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY900COST PER SQ FT$151.29FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio base facility.

The 700-student capacity configuration houses four kindergarten classrooms, eight primary (grades 1 and 2) classrooms, and 12 intermediate (grades 3 to 5) classrooms. In addition, individual rooms will be provided for special needs, science, art, music and computers. The 900-student capacity configuration increases the classroom count to the following: six kindergarten, 12 primary and 15 intermediate.

The unique features of this prototype include interchangeable primary and intermediate classrooms respectively. Any primary grade can use any primary classroom, and any intermediate grade can use any intermediate classroom, so the facility responds to changing student demographics. The special-needs classrooms also are interchangeable within the primary and intermediate areas to function as regular classroom spaces.

The school shares the site with a new middle school, so the design took into consideration sharing parking, access drives, bus loops and utilities. However, the site amenities used by individual students are separated to avoid mingling of different age groups.