Upper Moreland Primary/Intermediate School

Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    Gilbert Architects Inc.


    Upper Moreland Township School District

  • AREA

    211,945 sq.ft.





This school has been designed for 1,600 students and is on the same campus as the district’s middle school.

The existing Round Meadows Elementary School has been renovated to house students in kindergarten to second grade, and a contiguous new building has been constructed to house grades 3 to 5. Each school has a separate entrance with its ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,600COST PER SQ FT$118.59FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio administration, guidance, nursing and specialist areas. Each school has its own gymnasium, art and music programs, library/media center and large-group instruction areas.

The new facility uses a house concept in which classrooms are grouped around a shared learning area. This concept creates a home for students to feel a part of a smaller community within a larger school.

Both schools share the same building infrastructure, including mechanical/electrical systems, kitchen and receiving areas.

The new cafetorium is shared by the entire school by movable partition but can be divided into two separate controlled areas. One side can be used for the primary grades and the other side for the intermediate grades. It also can be opened to create a large area with the stage.