Sunset Vista K-8 Elementary School

Glendale, Arizona

Sunset Vista is 92,400 square feet for 1,000 K to 8 students. Buildings are situated on the east side for efficient and safe dropoff and pickup. Separate building masses create internal circulation and courtyard space that keeps pedestrian flow away from the neighborhood. The north building houses administrative functions, library, nurse, cafeteria and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,000COST PER SQ FT$107.81FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio areas, and the south building features three separate classroom pods housing lower, middle and upper grades. Short hallways minimize noise and disruption as students circulate for special activities.

The exterior facade is painted concrete masonry. Library and reception spaces feature prefinished standing-seam metal roofing on a large pyramidal roof topped with a skylight. This pyramidal form abuts a flying curved wall clad in prefinished metal panels that bisect the north building, creating a focal point for the main entry. The exterior color scheme complements the surrounding development.

The school shares an adjacent neighborhood park with the City of Glendale Parks Department. The campus can be secured completely while allowing use of parking areas and access from the surrounding neighborhood to the park. It also buffers the neighborhood from park noise on weekends and keeps parked cars off the streets.