Oneonta Junior/Senior High School

Oneonta, New York

Initiating a program to expand and enhance its secondary curriculum, the Oneonta City School District launched a multiple-phase building project as its junior/senior high school. As part of this endeavor, a wing dedicated to science education was added to the facility.

The science wing rooms are arranged around a central commons, located at the intersection of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,200FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio corridors. Combination classroom/laboratory areas are provided for each of five science specialties. Pairs of these classroom/labs share an experiment-preparation/office area and a science project center. Science project centers are designed for students to engage in individual, specialized and advanced study.

A 100-seat amphitheatre features radially tiered lecture seating and a rear-projection system for effective large-group multimedia presentations. The contoured plastic ceiling is designed to project the presenter`s voice to all areas of the room. Acoustic wall and ceiling panels help minimize reverberation to enhance sound quality.

Skylit corridors lead to the pyramid-shaped roof commons. Clerestory windows introduce additional natural light. Floors are terrazzo for long-term durability. In the commons, custom-designed bay window-display units showcase science projects.

Photographer: ©Larry Pacilio